Chiro Essentials Boards Review Part 1

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This is the only comprehensive review of topics covered in the National Board of Chiropractic Exams Part 1 on the market. It includes some black and white illustrations, charts and tables. It provides a practical framework for learning the basic sciences. It is organized by organ systems and presents the material in bullet form to facilitate easy review and rapid recall. It contains the most important facts that are frequently tested in the NBCE Part 1 exams.

Covers all six sections of the NBCE Part 1 exam – General Anatomy, Spinal Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Pathology, Microbiology.

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19 reviews for Chiro Essentials Boards Review Part 1

  1. Bailey

    I passed with ease thanks to this book. No review course necessary.

  2. Kayla Willoughby

    This book was incredibly useful for studying for boards. I felt relaxed and prepared going into the test.

  3. Kirsten Sutherland

    This book really helped me breakdown each section of part 1 and helped me pass the exam first try without an extra review courses.

  4. Angel

    This text helped me go into Boards Part 1with confidence. It’s detailed enough to cover most if not all concepts seen in Boards Part 1. It’s also a good reference for all of your anatomy classes.

  5. Brenja B

    This book is amazing and so thorough!! The main reason I passed boards part 1 🙂

  6. Christian wilson

    This book is well organized and filled with lol the knowledge needed to pass boards. Any chiro essential book will always help you pass boards.

  7. Carolina E

    great book for reviewing before the part 1 boards

  8. Kayla Lewis

    This book prepared me more than enough for part I of boards. I wish I would have gotten this sooner in the program as well, because the information is very succinct. It has great memory devices & tips that I think can be helpful for regular classes/learning, on top of being helpful for board review

  9. Richard Gray

    I bought this book early early in chiropractic school and used it to preread before my classes started. Made reading the text books way easier after seeing a concise explanations provided by the book. Later for studying was a breeze. The key words help for those who love route memorization.

  10. Donald LeBlanc

    I used this book as an adjunct to studying for NBCE part I while I took a review course and found it to be a great resource, very complete in the information.
    9 months later I also used it as my primary guide to studying for the Canadian CCEB part A and once again found it to be adequate and complete. All the information is there to pass both tests!
    Passed all 6 parts of NBCE first attempt
    Passed CCEB part A first attempt and I owe much of the success to this book!

  11. Jonathan Hodson

    Absolutely remarkable book. Part 1 studying for this exam consisted of reading this book two times before Part 1 Boards. I felt confident heading into the exam and leaving the exam. Passed with flying colors!

  12. Matthew Abel

    Worth every penny. The topics and focus points in this book are laid out perfectly. I used this book to follow along with classes throughout my time in school leading up to Part 1 board exams and it was super helpful. I would highly recommend to any student getting ready for their round of Part 1 boards.

  13. Bryson S

    I really enjoyed the amount of time and detail that went into this book. It allowed me to pass part I with ease and I felt very good walking out of the exam. Will definitely be purchasing the other books due to simplicity and organization.

  14. Taneesha

    Highly recommend this book! It along with Dr. Larose’s quizzes/crosswords made me feel almost overprepared for boards part 1 and I was able to pass them with ease. Not only is everything you need to review in the book and nothing else, but it is very well organized with great memory tricks, charts, and helpful studying resources. I agree it would have been very helpful in earlier quarters had I read this book then. Thank you again!!

  15. Tori Duncan

    This book was my sole source of review material for boards part 1. I passed with flying colors. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who is studying for part 1!

  16. Ian

    My main source of studying for part 1 boards. Straight to the point, and effective to reinforce content learned in the classroom.

  17. Kayla

    My main source for Part 1 and it helped SO MUCH!! Passed with flying colors. 10/10 recommend

  18. Jennifer Polanco

    Passed Part 1 Boards with flying colors. Didn’t use anything other than this book. Highly recommend having it and annotating while in class.

  19. Tanika

    Definitely all you need to pass boards. Easy to read and understand. Very detailed but not overwhelming

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