Chiro Essentials Intern Survival Guide

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This is the only pocket-size book prepared to help the chiropractic intern navigate through the clinical part of their training. It includes a number of keyword association tables, brief descriptions of the more common and useful orthopedic and neurological tests, and guidelines on ordering x-rays and blood tests. There is a summary of the diagnostic criteria of over 35 common and important conditions most likely to be seen in the chiropractic clinic along with the appropriate ICD codes. This is a must for the diligent chiropractic intern.

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3 reviews for Chiro Essentials Intern Survival Guide

  1. Mark

    Kept this book in my pocket for an entire year. Very handy in clinic.

  2. Jenna Fairchild

    I feel confident transitioning into clinic knowing that I have the handheld survival guide right there in my note-taking binder. Easy to navigate through, simple enough to refer to while actively caring for a patient without spending time away – every student going transitioning into the clinic with this ultimate tool! Not to mention – I’ve had the privilege of being a student of Dr. LaRose, and there is no professor more interesting, kind, intelligent, experienced, and humble. I fully trust his survival guide to help me be successful.

  3. Jenna Eason

    The chiro essentials intern survival guide is an AMAZING tool to have, even BEFORE you enter clinic. This guide includes so many orthos and other important clinical information that is just as useful in regular courses as it is in clinic. HIGHLY recommend. Dr. Larose covers everything! And the price?? Why not buy this book?

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