Chiro Essentials Differential Diagnosis

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Chiro Essentials Differential Diagnosis is a very popular set of lecture notes used by the author to teach Differential Diagnosis to chiropractic students in one of the leading chiropractic colleges in the USA. This clear and readable text deals with the Art and Science of Diagnosis and focuses on common problems as they present in patients. Clinical points are highlighted for easy reference. Charts, tables and lists throughout the text summarize the important features of over 240 diseases that may be encountered in the chiropractic primary care setting. This material is very beneficial in providing a thorough and rapid review for the clinical components for students preparing for NBCE Parts 2, 3 and 4. It is also a handy desk reference for practicing doctors of chiropractic.

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7 reviews for Chiro Essentials Differential Diagnosis

  1. John P.

    This book was a great resource for many different classes in chiro school. Helped me alot.

  2. Macie

    I used this book for my boards and it was so helpful and thorough in all of the topics. I didn’t have to pay money to sit in a class I just used this book and passed with flying colors!

  3. Dominic

    This book has a plethora of information on many different conditions, orthopedic tests, lab tests, etc. With this resource I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my thought processes and clinical thinking while working through cases in class!

  4. Tyra T

    The Chiro Essentials series have been a great reference for me throughout Chiropractic school. I found the books affordable and very beneficial when preparing for the National Board exams. The texts are super convenient, well organized and contained EVERYTHING I needed to pass boards.

  5. Kara Yantha

    This book was an awesome resource to have for my chiro school courses and for Boards studying! It helped me succeed in all of my classes, and has great information that I will definitely refer back to when I practice! The book had so many orthos with sensitivity and specificity which really helped me narrow down my exam flow to the best tests possible! Would definitely recommend this book!

  6. Sage

    This book, along with all the others, serve as a great resource for classes in the chiropractic curriculum and is an excellent study resource for board examinations. The organization is well thought out and I also recommend this series as a quick reference when in practice.

  7. Tanika

    This is a great resource to have for all classes and for boards. Well organized and sums up diagnoses very well

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