Chiro Essentials Boards Review Physiotherapy

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This is the only comprehensive review of topics covered in the NBCE Physiotherapy exam on the market. It is organized by the examination test plan and presents the material in bullet form to facilitate easy review and rapid recall. It contains the most important items that are frequently tested on the NBCE Physiotherapy examination.

Covers all sections of the PHT exam – Thermotherapy, Electrotherapy, Mechanotherapy, Phototherapy, Functional Assessment, Exercise Physiology, Endurance Training, Muscle Rehabilitation, Neuromuscular Rehabilitation, and Disorder-Specific Rehabilitation.

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3 reviews for Chiro Essentials Boards Review Physiotherapy

  1. Josh Bennett

    Excellent book. Hits all the important information with no extraneous fluff. Makes it easy.

  2. Kevin Reames

    The 5 board examinations can often be quite a stressor on chiropractic students, covering a daunting amount of material. This physiotherapy review book does an amazing job of narrowing down the material in to a manageable amount, highlighting the important aspects. I used the chiro essentials book for part 1 and scored very highly. I have no doubt that this book will yield the same results! Stay tuned!

  3. Sami Duckett

    The chrio essentials books are very helpful. Not only for boards, but to understand main concepts in classes. I used it not only to study for my boards 1 exam, but for classes for additional information, such as my pathology class. I highly recommend these books.

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